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The Rains of India

The Rains of India


 Love in the Himalaya

Climbing Magazine

If I can’t physically be in the Indian Himalaya — neck-deep in all its adventure and romance — the next best thing is to go there mentally. In the pages of The Rains of India a new novel by the German (and former Boulder, Colorado, local) climber Jesse Guthrie, I see dusky sun-rays kissing Hindu temples, waves tumbling alongside beach side bungalows in Goa, and Sherpas winding up frosted peaks. This suspenseful and touching love story follows a young American and his travels and travails abroad, both in the mountains — including a dangerous ascent of the sacred peak Shivaling — and in matters of the heart. Throughout this page-turner, Guthrie weaves together unexpected plot turns, poignant dialogue, and an alpinist’s passion for the Himalaya. His words flow easily from one adventure to the next as the reader enjoys the ride.

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